Design Services

CRC Engineering specializes in the design of central utility systems. The Partners of CRC have extensive experience in the design of the following systems:

  --  Large Steam and Hot water boiler plants
  --  Large Chiller plants (electric centrifugal, steam turbine driven centrifugal and absorption chillers)
  --  High temperature hot water (HTHW) generation plants
  --  Underground site utility piping (steam, HTHW, chilled water and condenser water)
  --  High, medium and low pressure steam systems
  --  High temperature hot water systems
  --  Chilled water systems
  --  Condenser water systems

Large Central Utility Project Experience

The Partners of CRC Engineering have experience leading large and complex central utility plant projects. The Partners of CRC Engineering are working with the design team for the Port Authority of NY & NJ serving as the lead mechanical engineer and project manager for the $200 million design of the central chiller plant, chilled water site distribution systems and river water systems serving the World Trade Center site. CRC Engineering is providing design services for the site-wide high temperature hot water systems infrastructure renewal project at Brown University. This $150 million project involves the phased replacement of the underground high temperature hot water site distribution systems. At the University of Vermont, a detailed pipe stress analysis was provided as well as the multimillion phased expansion of the underground high pressure steam site distribution systems.

Older Buildings with Limited Space

CRC Engineering is headquartered in New York City; as such, CRC routinely deals with retrofits and modifications to existing systems and aging infrastructure in older buildings. Space in New York City is a premium, and our designs often have to deal with installations in extremely tight spaces. At Rockefeller Center, the design for a 2500 ton dual compressor electrical centrifugal chiller was provided. The chiller was rigged through the sidewalk grating and down to the chiller plant. Temporary shoring was provided along the rigging path. The Partners of CRC Engineering provided the design for the boiler plant expansion project at New York Presbyterian Hospital – Columbia University Medical Center with extremely tight rigging requirements.

Modifications to Existing Systems

Oftentimes, an engineer will design an addition to a system without consideration for the overall system. This lack of focus on the overall system often results in a design for a new portion of the system that is incompatible with other system components. This will cause problems throughout the system and reduce the overall efficiency of the system.

CRC Engineering keeps the overall system in mind to ensure that any additions to the system will not have an adverse affect on the overall system. The Partners of CRC Engineering provided schematic design documents for implementation of modifications to the existing systems at South Nassau Communities Hospital which resulted in a 200% improvement in the chilled water system temperature differential reducing the overall system flow requirements and saving significant energy. 

Structural Analysis and Design
CRC Engineering provides structural analysis and design services as a stand-alone service as well as in support of our overall central utility systems analysis and design services.  Our structural engineering experience includes specialization in industrial power plant and special structure design including stack analysis and design, machine foundations, seismic restraints, cooling tower dunnage, vessel and tank supports and more.

Electrical Analysis and Design
Electrical analysis and design services are provided to compliment our mechanical design services by our in-house electrical engineering consultant with experience in the analysis and design of industrial and heavy commercial electrical systems and controls.