Field Services

One aspect of CRC Engineering’s services that separates CRC from other engineering firms is our ability to provide field services in support of our design work.  We provide field services specific to central plant construction, operation and maintenance; we specialize in startup and commissioning of central plant equipment.  Due to the large and sophisticated central plant equipment and systems, field services for central utility plant projects require much more knowledge and understanding of system operation and control than a standard MEP commissioning department can provide.

CRC Engineering believes that field services are required to properly understand, design, construct and start-up a central plant project.  At the beginning of a project, CRC Engineering provides engineering support though site inspection, single point failure analysis and troubleshooting and as-built development by thoroughly researching the existing conditions of the site.  As the project progresses, CRC Engineering provides insight on operation, control, constructability and maintenance aspects of the design.  After the design documents are produced, CRC Engineering evaluates the design and develops a cost estimate for the project.  Once the project enters the preconstruction and construction phases, CRC Engineering provides onsite review, construction administration, start-up and commissioning services.

The partners of CRC Engineering have over twenty years of experience in the central plant industry including experience with operations and construction administration.  We apply our practical hands on knowledge to every project we design.

Underwater Inspection Services

CRC Engineering can provide underwater inspection services for marine structures.  Our in-house commercial diving team partner employs highly experienced construction divers to perform underwater inspections.  They are comfortable working in marine environments with limited visibility, high currents and adverse conditions.

If conditions are not practical for manned diver inspection, then an underwater ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) can be used.

Through the use of surface supplied diving equipment with communications and a tethered color underwater video system, both the client and engineer can watch the inspection in real-time and direct the diver to specific areas of interest.  DVD copies of the inspections can be provided.  Our engineering team can provide structural engineering solutions for deficiencies observed during the underwater inspections.

Other services include preparatory cleaning and underwater ultrasonic thickness testing of steel structures.