Marine Projects


Marine Bulkhead Repair

East Northport, NY


CRC Engineering provided the design engineering for the rehabilitation and repair of an approximately 110 foot long bulkhead located at a private residence in East Northport, Long Island.

The existing bulkhead consisted of timber and wood sheeting with wale construction with steel rod tiebacks and deadmen.

CRC Engineering provided the design for repair and rehabilitation of the existing bulkhead using wood sheeting, walers and with a helical tieback repair system.

The design drawings were submitted in October 2011 to the Town of Huntington, and NY Maritime obtained all required permits from the NYSDEC, US Army Corps of Engineers, the NYS Department of State, and the Town of Huntington.

Holland Tunnel Pier 9 Repair - Shoring Protection

Jersey City, NJ


CRC Engineering provided shoring protection design for a construction project involving the repair and rehabilitation of the existing piles supporting the pier.

The pier construction dated back to 1927 and consisted of wooden piles, timber decking and up to ten feet of gravel and fill on the decking.  Many of the original piles and much of the existing timber decking was in severely deteriorated condition.

As a result of the deteriorated construction, large sink holes were forming at the surface in many places.  The fill material was falling down through the timber decking causing these sink holes.

As underwater construction was underway for repair and reinforcement of the piles, pile caps, and decking, the falling fill also was a hazardous condition for the underwater construction crews working in the area.

After visiting the site and reviewing underwater video of the existing conditions, CRC Engineering provided an engineering solution on short notice to shore the structure from below so that the underwater construction could proceed safely.

The solution was submitted to the Port Authority of NY & NJ and implemented immediately in July 2013.