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Utility Power Boiler Burner Replacement

Astoria, NY
Astoria Generating Station provides about 20 percent of New York City’s power.  High pressure superheated steam is generated by utility grade boilers and used by steam turbines (1300 MW total capacity) to generate power for the grid. 
CRC Engineering was comissioned to provide detailed mechanical design documents for the replacement of all 32 burners for Boiler Unit 50. 
Unit 50 is a tangentially fired, multi-burner, 10 story hanging tube type utility grade boiler which generates high pressure superheated steam (2000 psi at 2500 degrees F) and is capable of burning both natural gas and #6 fuel oil.  The boiler consists of a primary and reheat furnace with four burners per furnace on four burner levels for a total of 32 burners. 
CRC Engineering prepared detailed removal and installation drawings for each burner which included gas, fuel oil and steam atomization piping and hoses as well as existing structural members.  The drawings included piping plans, sections and isometrics for each burner. 
The piping design drawings were prepared with close coordination with the burner and hose manufacturers in order to determine the location of all connections to the burners.  Particular attention to detail was required to coordinate the minimum hose bend radius requirements with the thermal expansion of the boiler. 

Astoria Generating Plant

Design Documents:
March 2009 to August 2009
Construction Complete:
May 2010 (expected)
To accurately represent the high level of detail required for the installation of the burner piping, individual isometric diagrams for each burner were prepared indicating fittings, valves, hoses and other details. 
Comprehensive field surveys were conducted in order to identify piping disconnection/connection points and to accurately account for the existing structural steel.  Access requirements for boiler and burner operations and maintenance were maintained.