Newark Airport - Port Authority of NY & NJ


High Temperature Hot Water Generator Replacement

Newark, NJ

CRC Engineering, as a prime subconsultant to Parsons Brinckerhoff, was contracted by the Port Authority of NY & NJ to provide the complete design and construction documents for the replacement of four High Temperature Hot Water (HTHW) generators and associated support equipment at the Central Heating and Refrigeration Plant (CHRP) at Newark Airport.

Although the existing HTHW generators (50 MMBtus each) were installed in the summer of 2000, the existing HTHW generators are damaged and the Port Authority has decided to replace them. As a result, CRC Engineering is preparing construction documents for the replacement of all four generators along with modifications to the CHRP to enhance the operation and maintenance of the facillity.

CRC Engineering worked closely with the HTHW generator manufacturers to determine the most appropriate and most efficient generators for installation at this facility. As a result of the design process, CRC was able to relocate the HTHW generators to faciliate future maintenance or replacement of the HTHW generators and burners by expanding the width of the firing aisle.

Additionally, the new generator burners will be low NOx burners and will exceed the New Jersey emissions requirements for NOx when burning either natural gas or oil.

The project is further complicated due to limiting the construction period to the off-season, late May through early September. The Port Authority has determined that the project phasing will require three full off-season construction periods as well as a temporary HTHW generator during construction of Phases II and III.

During construction, close coordination with the contractor and the Port Authority will be maintained. Response to RFIs and shop drawing review will be expedited to meet the abbreviated construction schedule.

Phase I

The first phase of construction will occur during the 2010 off-season. Phase I will include the relocation of HTHW piping inlcuding stress analysis, primary pump modifications, rigging path modifications, temporary HTHW generator piping and miscellaneous repairs throught the facility.

Phase II

The second phase of construction is scheduled for the 2011 off-season. Phase II will include the replacement and relocation of two of the 50 MMBtu HTHW generators. Both generators must be operational by October 15th of  2011.

Phase III

The final phase of construction is scheduled for the 2012 off-season. Phase III will complete the project with the replacement of the final two 50 MMBtu HTHW generators. The generators must be fully functional by October 15th of 2012.