University of Vermont

Site Utility Distribution Upgrades

Burlington, VT

Steam Distribution System Modifications and Expansion

After UVM experienced a dramatic and catastrophic piping failure where the thermal expansion of the piping caused the pipe anchors to fail during system commissioning of Phase 1 (designed by another engineering firm), UVM was left with a small remaining window of opportunity to correct the design and finish the piping installation before commencement of the heating season.

UVM contacted the Partners of CRC Engineering, and a fast-track design solution was completed, which included detailed pipe stress analysis. The design flaw was corrected and the installation of about 1,000 linear feet of steam distribution piping was completed in time for the heating season.

Our prompt solution and responsiveness to UVM’s problem resulted in the award of the final two Phases of the steam pipeline distribution project. Phase 2 of the project entailed a total of 1,000 linear feet of piping and 5 PRV stations and Phase 3 of the project involved 850 linear feet of piping installation.

Detailed pipe stress analysis was provided for Phases 2 and 3 as well as detailed design documentation.

Site Utility Master Plan Drawings

The Partners of CRC have led a coordinated multiple-discipline effort to document the existing campus utility systems at the University of Vermont. Utilities documented include site sanitary, sewer, storm, power, telecommunication/data, chilled water, steam and domestic water.

Common AutoCAD standards were prepared and coordinated to be used by all disciplines. A FTP site was created to allow each trade to upload their drawings to a common location. All the individual drawings received from the trades are referenced together, and a complete campus utility map is created showing all utilities.

Central Chilled Water Plant Design

The design of a 2800 ton central chilled water plant and chilled water distribution systems were also provided. The chiller plant consists of two 1400 ton steam turbine driven centrifugal chillers, associated cooling towers and chilled water and condenser water pumps.

A plant configuration study was performed to determine the optimum configuration of the plant based on existing and projected loads, utility costs, first cost, operating cost, life cycle cost and subjective issues. The existing Central heat plant was expanded to accommodate the new chiller plant, and the design also accounted for a future Cogeneration system installation.